Since 1999



Since 1999


SETM stands for Sustainable, Eco, Technology and Management. 

Founded in 1999, SETM has consistently concentrated on the source reduction of municipal solid waste, recycling scheme evaluation, green packaging and packaging waste management. With over 20 years of experience, a humble determination that triggered from the dynamic progress of resource management in Taiwan, and is firmly embodied inside the service innovation for sustainability challenges in circular economy.

SETM works closely with government and private sector to achieve the results that finds the balance between truly sustainable solutions that is good for the environment and financially-viable at the same time with our passion and expertise, as we work with our partners in the circular economy field, SETM is selective to grow with prides from Taiwan. 


With in-depth advanced solution for WTE and frameworks that achieves mutual benefit.


Integrated with Energy Storage System, renewability plays as main theme to bring more collaboration.


SETM invests renewability for decades to create sustainable profit.

Business in Circular Economy

Resource efficiency consultancy for Product-Oriented-Environmental Management (POEM) , includes packaging and packaging waste management.

Renewability Asset Management

Turnkey resource to support and to enhance material recovery/solar asset value toward for more green efficiency.


SETM works hand in hand with our clients to developed a proven-effective system for managing and growing their investments. 



Managing Director 

Over 20 years of experience in environmental consulting concentrating on the source reduction of municipal solid waste, recycling scheme operations, and green package design. Specific focus on Product-Oriented Environmental Management systems (POEMs). After founding SETM in 1999, he engaged in multiple projects for Taiwan EPA as well as consulted on projects related to power generation and waste business development internationally.

Wayne Liu

Head of sales

Graduated from the MSc of Environmental Engineering and Science and joined SETM in 2009. In the early responsible for the implementation of environmental, waste and recycling management and technology development related plans. In 2014, with the start-up of the company’s emerging business into the field of renewable energy, currently is mainly responsible for the contact between suppliers and clients, system analysis, technology development and project management in solar system, energy storage systems(ESS)and waste treatment systems (AWTE).

Rodolfo Lacayo

Market Development Manager

An experienced commercial advisor with more than 6 years of experience in Key Account Management, International Trade Management, and Business Development in the South East Asia and Latin America markets. Possessing a successful track record of global/national sales, strategic marketing, and contract negotiations. Master in Business Administration (IMBA) with focus on Business Development in Asia, contributing to solidifying more than 11 years of international experience and business competition in the region.


Product Manager



Product Manager



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